My Engineer Investment

The top 10 T. Rowe Price mutual funds of 2012 are T. Rowe Price Balanced, T. Rowe Price New Income, T Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock, etc. You may find the best stock and bond funds from this list.

The following top ranked national municipal bond mutual funds of 2012 are: Legg Mason WA Managed Municipals A, First Investors Tax-Exempt II A, Waddell & Reed Municipal Bond Fund, etc. Typically, these municipal bond mutual funds are less risky too.

The bond mutual fund may also provide investors with a convenient option to hold a portfolio of bonds from different sectors such as government bond, corporate bond, mortgage backed bond, foreign entities bond, convertible, etc.

Investing in Precious metals can be used as a hedge against economic crisis or turmoil. The best performing funds include Tocqueville Gold, Van Eck International Investors Gold A, First Eagle Gold A, etc.